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The Anabat Walkabout is a state of the art bat detector, designed to include everything you need for transects and other active bat survey work. It uses an FG Knowles microphone which has excellent sensitivity and is relatively resistant to moisture. This microphone can be used as either directional or omni-directional by using (or removing) the provided clip-on directional attachment.

The Walkabout records either full spectrum (16-bit, WAV.) or zero crossing calls in real time with a sampling rate of 500kHz. This allows you to record sounds over a range from 5 to 200kHz directly onto an SD card (16GB card included). Calls are also displayed on the 12.5cm screen, enabling you to monitor and review your sonograms in the field and to view real-time calls in full spectrum, zero-crossing or both. It is also possible to listen to calls either through the speaker or using headphones: choose between heterodyne, time expansion, frequency division or pitch shift outputs. A built-in GPS and mapping system allow you to tag your calls and log your path as you go, even without an internet connection. Add your own voice notes or make text notes using the on-screen keyboard.

The Anabat Walkabout runs on an Android platform and has a user-friendly touchscreen and side dial for easy access to commonly required settings. The housing is stylish and robust and has a comfortable hand strap and lanyard. The device is powered by an internal battery which is charged using the provided micro USB cable. A fully charged unit will last for eight hours in the field.


External dimensions: 180 x 100 x 28mm (with directional cone attachment fitted)
Weight: 400g
Power requirements: micro USB power input (5V, 2A)
Battery life: Approx. 8 hours
Memory: SD card (16GB card provided)
Microphone: Knowles FG omnidirectional
Audio output: Heterodyne, time expansion, frequency division or pitch shift
Frequency range: 5 - 200kHz
Housing: Robust housing with hand strap and lanyard
GPS: Built-in
File output: WAV (full spectrum) and Anabat Sequence Files (zero crossing)


In the Box

USB cable
International charger
16GB SD card
Screen cleaning cloth
Directional cone attachment



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